Kid’s Safety is paramount so we really ask all kids and their parents to read and follow our safety instructions: direct parent supervision is required to supervise children when they ride and reinforce all the safety messages. Always wear protective equipment when riding your Streak Bikes.

First the help of an adult is required for assembly

This includes never and we mean never ever using your Streak Bikes near car, traffic, pools or when visibility is impaired. Also never use your Streak Bikes on slopes, near steps, hills or swimming pools.

Your Streak Bikes is designed to be used on flat, clean and dry surfaces where its motion principle is most efficient.

Please always remember that child's safety is paramount and always supervise kids; NEVER let them use their Streak Bikes near car.

Q: How does it move?

A: The Streak Bikes like similar toys in its category uses a locomotion principle called cambering motion. It uses a simple left/right movement (in our case created by the legs pushing on the moving front bar) to create an action/reaction very similar to the one used by snakes.

Q: Which surfaces does it work on?

A: Streak Bikes will work on most surfaces except grass and sand. It also usually works on heavy carpet  thanks to its high resistance wheels.

Q: Does it need a slope to work?

A: No. Its motion principle enables to work on flat sections. It is actually not designed for slopes and we strongly advise NOT to use it on slopes. Also when it is used on slopes, your kid will then use the hand brake which will make a flat on the wheel and very quickly you'll need to change the wheels...

Q: From what age can you ride Streak Bikes?

A: Most often children can use it as young at 2 or 3 for the Junior models. The Classic model is usually for kids from 4 years old to 12 -13. We recommend the Drifter model for kids older from 6 years to 13.

Q: Is there a weight limit?

A: We recommend a maximum weight of 55Kg. Although it has been tested for safety requirements for higher weight (95 Kg) we never had very heavy kids playing on it for hours on it; since it is a heavy duty toy we prefer to recommend a maximum weight of 55Kgs which we know works.

Q: Do you have some examples of games?

A: There is virtually no limit to our kids imagination. So these activities are in no way trying to limit their creativity but more to foster some new ones! Kids can play with one Streak Bikes and compete together or make matches if they have 10.

Examples of Games with one Streak Bikes:

-The simplest and still super exciting: Streak Cheetah
What you need:
A large flat area (tennis court, skating ground...)
Some props (chair, balloon )
A stopwatch to time your mates

What to do:
1) Place the props on the ground and set a start/finish line
2) Place yourself behind the start line
3) Ride between the obstacles without touching them
4) The winner is the one that is fastest at crossing the line without touching the obstacles.

You can have a team against another one, trying to make a relay and see who is fastest.
Example of Games with multiple Streak Bikes:

Streak Hockey

What you need:
A large flat area (tennis court, skating  ground...)
2 teams of 3 kids at least. More if you have a big court.
Goal post and Ball

What to do:
1) Make 2 even teams
2) Like at hockey or soccer, you can pass the ball directly
3) Score in the post

Try to have a defense and attack team with more a specialized striker.

If you have some small hockey set then use a smaller ball.

Q: Do you carry spare parts?

A: Yes. We do sell wheels and all the parts of a Streak Bikes, you can contact your nearest Store for the accessories or you can email us at

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